Fred Hersch Trio/Folly Theatre Jazz Fest

Displayed as official show poster for The Fred Hersch Trio during the Folly Theatre Jazz Fest

Every year the Folly Theatre hosts a jazz festival and brings in great jazz,
musicians from around the country to play in Kansas City. I got the
opportunity to create a poster for the event. Hersch's new albums was
based off of his coma dreams, a truly unique experience that only he could
interpret through music. I used a cool color scheme to convey a dream like
state. The type creates movement and variation by over and under lapping
the imagery and independent shapes. The pattern throughout the poster
creates some depth and draws the viewer in.

I think the type of legible enough but also active enough that a person can be
drawn in from far away just to see the details. Thee spurts of hot pink make this
energetic and playful.