How to Make and Apply Wheatpaste

In partnership with Myles Thompson, we created a how to video
on wheat pasting. We wanted to take something that was more
urban or artsy and clean it up a bit through our filming and
presentation. We set the first part of the video inside of a clean,
scientific looking, kitchen. Clean shots, classical music, and a
fake French accent all helped us steer away from the street/urban
feel of wheat pasting and bring it back to science and process of
making the paste. The second part of the video is us applying it
with some cheesy slow motion shots and more music that you
wouldn't expect. Overall this was a great project to work on
and turned out very successful

Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein is a poet that has a unique way of writing and
expressing herself. Her poems are cryptic and mysterious. They
harp on repetition and pronunciation of words and word forms.
I wanted to accentuate that in another way. While her words are
beautiful on paper, it is interesting to see them come to life through
kinetic typography. My goal was to take her words and bring them
to life, giving them personality and movement. 

Print is Dead

This was my first kinetic type piece. The motion is simple and clean
and does not distract from the content. The quote itself was something
I wrote about print. In this ever changing world, print is becoming
more and more obsolete. Some people are old fashioned though and
refuse to give in, I believe I am one of those people. I highly appreciate
the process and product of analogue print processes such as screenprinting,
letterpress, hand drawn type, sign painting, and all those other badass art forms.