The Hill House

This house was designed by Plaza Interiors and I was hired
on to photograph the interior. It is a beautifully spacious house
with a lot of natural lighting to bring out the over all color palette.
Walking through the house feels like you are walking through a
house that would be from a more classical time but also something
very modern, especially when walking through the kitchen. The
house also has an out door pool bar and grill, as well as a
basement entertainment area. 


Taking pictures at shows is one of my favorite things to do,
especially when Doomtree comes to town. The group is
explosive and energetic beyond belief. They manage to fit
seven performers on any stage they come across and then
blow the roof off the place. These were taken back in 2012
at the Firebird in St. Louis, a perfect venue for black and white
photography. I was fortunate to go to the show and get to take
some pictures just for me.

Saint Louis Graffiti Wall

If you are from St. Louis you cannot be a photographer and
not go to the graffiti wall. At one point in history this was painted
on every year for Paint Louis and graffiti artists from all across
the country would come to participate. It is full of so much
collaboration and personality and extends farther than one would
like to walk. These are just some of the hundreds of photos I took.

I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons is a band that uses some very experimental
techniques to play music including super nintendo controllers,
dance dance revolution pads, guitar hero guitars, and so much
more. They came to the Firedbird in St. Louis back in 2011 and
put on quite the show.