Rhymesayers Timeline

A10 Award Winner

To make a timeline that is not linear can be challenging. That was the
main objective for this poster. We had the chance to select our own
topic for this poster, something we would be interested and inspired by,
I chose the Minneapolis, Minnesota independent record label,
Rhymesayers. Minnesota is known for having a friendly atmosphere, a
lot of home town pride, and a huge music and art scene. Choosing this
topic allowed me to express those vibes and also gave me a lot of info
to work with. Because of the home town pride aspect I decided to
contain my timeline inside the shape of Minnesota and use some basic
colors that are commonly used at a local print shop called Burlesque
of north America. The timeline uses a multitude of different typefaces to
show the diversity throughout the record label. It also holds a lot of
movement and conveys the tone of the record label and the tenacity of
their hard work and rhythm.